Will I have access to Dr. John Gottman’s research?
Yes, and we encourage you to explore and include Dr. Gottman’s research findings, which are publicly available here. You can refer to other articles on the Gottman Relationship Blog and the various informational pages on The Gottman Institute website. His books, along with those by Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, are available at our online store and on Amazon.

Will you edit my article?
We approach editing articles on a case-by-case basis if they are accepted for publication. If we need to edit your article, we will send you an updated version for your approval prior to publication.

Can I repost my original article on my personal site?
You may repost your article on your personal site after it is published on the Gottman Relationship Blog. We respectfully request that you note that the article originally appeared on the Gottman Relationship Blog and provide a link to the article’s page on our blog.

Can I publish my article in another publication?
Please do not publish your article in another publication without notifying us first. We do have relationships with multiple publications that will promote your content, and we encourage you to publish wherever you can, but we’d like to be notified so that your content is not unnecessarily duplicated in any given publication.