I have heard about your other couples workshop, The Art & Science of Love. What is different about A Roadmap for the Journey workshop?
If the key to your relationship issue deals with addiction recovery, this workshop is for you. Both workshops provide insights and tools to strengthen relationships and address challenges. Both workshops include information from Dr. John Gottman’s four decades of research with thousands of couples. This workshop focuses on integrating and balancing relationship needs with recovery needs. It helps couples bridge individual and relationship recoveries with greater compassion and understanding, and provides a road map for repair.

I believe my partner has an addiction issue, but (he/she) doesn’t agree. Can we attend? And will someone help my partner understand (his/her) addiction?
Sorry, but this workshop is for couples with one or both partners in early recovery (at least 6 months of sobriety) as well as for couples with long-term sobriety. It is not intended for couples in active addiction. If you have questions about your individual situation please call (206) 402-4115. We can evaluate attendance on a case by case basis.  Also please see these resources for support.

Why do I (or my partner) have to have six months of recovery to participate in this workshop?
The months of early recovery (2 – 5) are a busy period of treatment, stabilization, and initiation of peer support through fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also a time in which much is in flux. We have chosen the benchmark of six months as a period of time when individuals have more to contribute to the health of their relationship; individuals have established some stability with recovery and can now attend to interpersonal issues with less of a risk to their sobriety

My partner has been in recovery for over 6 months but has had a few relapses. Can we still attend?
Possibly.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your individual situation as we can evaluate case by case. See these resources if you or your partner needs help with substance use.

I’ve been clean for 10 years but I think my past still affects our relationship and we need help. Is this workshop appropriate for our situation?
Yes, absolutely. Couples with long established recovery will benefit from this workshop by receiving tools, perhaps for the first time, to talk about, integrate, and manage recovery as a couple.

Can I attend by myself if my partner is not willing to come?
I am single, in recovery and would like to attend.  Can I come?
Unfortunately not. This workshop is experiential and is designed for couples.

I’m concerned that couple recovery may be a trigger to codependency. Will I have to sacrifice my own recovery for the relationship?
Absolutely not, this workshop is designed to help couples define what they need for themselves personally as well as in the relationship, a concept of interdependency versus codependency.

Will I have to share in front of the group?
No, sharing is not required; however, there will be some small group discussions.  Participation is encouraged to maximize the potential benefit of what groups have to offer.

Do we have to attend both days?
Yes, we expect couples to attend both days.

Is addiction to heroin, pain meds, or methamphetamines covered in this workshop?
Yes. The workshop will be addressing general concepts of chemical dependency and the impact on the relationship, and will explore ways for couples to recover from the effects of addiction.

Will you be talking about PTSD?
Yes. Post Traumatic Stress disorder is closely linked to addiction and is addressed in the workshop.

Is this workshop appropriate for combat vets?
Yes. Any couple meeting the criteria in “Who Is This Workshop For” (on this page) is welcome to attend.

What if this date doesn’t work for me? Will you be offering more workshops like this in the future?
We are planning to offer additional workshops in the future but we don’t yet know the dates and locations. Please check back at gottman.com for new announcements or contact us at (206) 402-4115 / email info@edgewoodseattle.com
to have your name added to a contact list.