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Lawrence Stoyanowski

M.Sc., MFT

Since receiving his degree from one of the top 5 Marriage and Family Therapy Programs in the world, Loma Linda University, Lawrence Stoyanowski have been practicing marriage and family therapy since 1991. He has been a Certified Gottman Therapist since 2006 and has practiced the Gottman Method since 2004. After being introduced to the Gottman method it became a passion of his to use with clients and to help other therapists integrate it into their practice. He feels that he is part of something that has real quality and purpose and his work with his couples have become very clear and focused. He also has absolute trust in this method, in everything from assessment to conflict regulation, to creating effective communication.

As a speaker and presenter he wants to help facilitate, and inspire other clinicians to blend the Gottman Method into their practice and realize the benefits of this wonderful modality. He has enjoyed presenting over 30 times in different Gottman trainings and workshops which include The Art and Science of Love Gottman Workshops as well as teaching Level One and Two Gottman Method to other clinicians, and delivering presentations at the Annual Gottman Conference, and ASL trainings. Along with his business partner Darren Wilk, he and Darren are also training clinicians in Level Three of the Gottman Method in 2012. His leadership roles and experience at The Gottman Institute includes being a Certified Gottman Therapist, Certified Gottman ASL presenter, Level I & Level 2 & Level 3 Gottman Method Trainer, Gottman Consultant and ASL Presenter Trainer.

“It is my goal to help clinicians worldwide gain confidence and skills with the Gottman Method as they become proficient with all the interventions and methods. In my trainings and presentations I create a positive, comfortable, and humour filled, environment which is conducive to learning. It is so gratifying to see clinicians, become excited about the Gottman Method and to know that I had a part in influencing that outcome and helping to grow the Gottman Community. I am so passionate about the Gottman Method that when I first learned about it, along with my business partner, we developed our entire practice, bestmarriages.ca around the Gottman Method.”

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