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Lisa Lund


Lisa Lund is an accomplished trainer and sought-after speaker known for her energetic and entertaining presentations for both lay and professional audiences, including corporate settings, universities, conferences and community agencies.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and a Senior Certified Gottman Therapist and Trainer.  Lisa produces & co-present’s Gottman’s, “Art and Science of Love: Weekend Workshop for Couples” in Northern and Southern California, and teaches all 3 levels of Gottman professional trainings.  Lisa also adapts the Gottman principles to relationships in the corporate environment. She offers webinars and on-site trainings for business settings applying the Gottman principles to business relationships. She uses the Gottman Method to coach people to communicate clearly, understand differences, and most importantly, uncover the meaning or dream underneath their position. The process is a pathway to moving conversations and projects forward and achieving compromise and success.

Lisa began public speaking as an Employer Representative for the Marriott Foundation in the early 1990′s. She helped demystify the Americans with Disabilities Act for employers in entertaining and informative presentations. She is known for her use of humor to lighten up a weighty topic. In 1996, Lisa left the corporate environment to pursue private practice.  She is the owner of A Couple’s Place counseling center in Sebastopol,  CA.  She specializes in research-based couples therapy and sees couples in private, group and extended marathon sessions. Lisa holds a MS degree from San Francisco State University with a duel specialization in Rehabilitation and Marriage and Family Counseling.

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