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Nancy D. Young


Dr. Nancy Young, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has over thirty years experience specializing in therapy with adult individuals, couples, and groups. She is bright, compassionate, funny, and non-judgmental and taught at Chapman University for over twenty years where she taught Psychology courses such as Romantic Love and Relationships, Human Sexuality, and Addiction Recovery. Her earliest research was on romantic love—the differences between people’s intense/compelling (“limerent”) and secure/comfortable (“attachment”) love experiences. She is a CAMFT-Certified Supervisor for Marriage & Family Therapy Interns and is passionate about teaching and mentorship.

Are you looking for a speaker to inform and entertain with a talk about how to make relationships truly magical based on the findings of robust scientific research? Do you have a church group or a lay group or a group of business and/or professional people? People who are married or single? Young and less experienced, middle-aged and in the thick of it, or an older and wiser crowd? Do you have a small group, a medium-sized group?

As a Certified Gottman Therapist and Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute, Dr, Nancy regularly teaches their clinicians’ track, Levels 1, 2, and 3, serves as a Consultant for therapists pursuing certification, and leads the Art & Science of Love Couple’s Workshops. In her private practice she has seen thousands of couples in all stages of relationship (dating, pre-marital, married/cohabitating, transitioning to parenthood, post-affair, divorced) in couple’s counseling, marathon therapy, and workshop formats.

Dr. Nancy owns and runs, Pathways to Wellness, a multi-specialty private practice which includes six therapists and three therapy dogs, all of whom have some training in Gottman Method couple’s therapy, in Costa Mesa, California. She is passionate about diversity as she believes that every relationship is a cross-cultural and transpersonal experience.
Current research studies have now shown us that good relationships have the capacity to heal and elevate every aspect of our lives, to reduce fear and physical pain, to lessen depression, to increase productivity and creativity, to lower blood pressure, to extend our lives and make them happier and much more fun. In a time when so many of us are longing for community, she finds it surprising that we don’t teach more about how to actually do great relationships starting at least by early high school, especially now that we have great research from the Gottmans and others to give us such clear, easy-to-apply tools!

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