BBH New Parents Workshop & Classes: What’s Baby Saying? Video

A Film on Infant Communication
Narrated by Dr. John Gottman


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Babies are communicating with us all the time, and if we don’t learn to read and respond to their cues, they become withdrawn, unhappy, and less interested in the world around them. Narrated by world-renowned marriage and parenting researcher Dr. John Gottman, this essential resource for new parents features authentic lab footage and explains how to understand and react to infant communication and emotional expression. An invaluable 15 minute film to watch before or after the birth of your child.

This video was developed for parents and Educators involved in the Bringing Baby Home Program, a 2-day class for couples transitioning to parenthood. For more information on the Bringing Baby Home Program please click here.



Live Streaming Video

Running Time

15 minutes


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