Biblical Reference Guide for the Gottman Method

by David Penner, Ph.D.



Integrate scripture into your work with couples!

Designed for use by therapists, educators, and workshop leaders who want to blend Gottman research on relationships with a Biblical perspective in order to build stronger relationships.

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Many have found the results of Gottman studies to be compatible with Biblical passages about relationships. The Gottman Method is based on research, not on a particular philosophical or religious ideology. Similarly, passages from the Bible are not intended to be a scientific treatise on relationships, but reflect how God designed humankind to live in peace and harmony with each other and in our intimate relationships.

  • For Couples: provides a Biblical perspective to go along with the material in Gottman books, workshops or trainings.
  • For Therapists: provides verses to help couples accept, understand and implement therapeutic interventions into their relationship at a deeper and more meaningful level.
  • For Educators: offers specific Scriptural passages to integrate into presentations on relationship research and enhancement.

This guide assumes some knowledge of the Gottman Method through reading books,
attending a couples’ workshop, or participating in Gottman Institute clinical or educator
training programs. Only brief summaries are provided and they are not sufficient for
understanding and applying the interventions and exercises described.

A great companion for Gottman Method Couples Therapy clinical trainings, The Gottman 7 Principles Program, The Gottman Bringing Baby Home Program, and The Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshop.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Biblical passages are from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. The verses followed by “NLT” are from the New Living Translation.


Publication Date

September 2014

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