Clinician’s Toolkit Box Set

Our most popular clinical exercises all in one place!



An invaluable enhancement for the Gottman Professional Training Program.

The Clinician’s Toolkit gathers some of the best Gottman exercises for helping distressed couples into one easy-to-reach package. The materials are newly designed, colorful, and developed for convenient use with your couples. These exercises are taught in our Level 1 and Level 2 Clinical Training program, which has been completed by thousands of therapists around the world. If you are familiar with Gottman Method Therapy and practice, the components of this kit will be well-known to you. If this toolkit looks appealing and you haven’t completed Level 1 or higher Gottman Method training, here’s where you can get this research-based training.

This box set includes:

  • Love Map Card Deck
  • Opportunity Card Deck
  • Salsa Card Deck
  • Open-Ended Questions Card Deck
  • Rituals of Connection Card Deck
  • Sound Relationship House
  • Sound Relationship House Magnet
  • Repair Checklist & The Four Horsemen
  • Conflict Blueprint Exercise
  • Dreams within Conflict Exercise
  • New! Gottman-Rapoport Intervention
  • Relationship Guides: Relaxation Exercise, Small Things Often, How to Be a Great Listener, Aftermath of a Fight, Avoiding the Four Horsemen, Fondness & Admiration

Updated January 2016!
Now includes doubles of many of the exercises, including Dreams within Conflict, Repair Checklist & the Four Horsemen, and Gottman-Rapoport Intervention. The Core Assessments PDF on CD are no longer included in the Clinician’s Toolkit. If you are interested, the Gottman Assessments are now being offered online through The Gottman Relationship Checkup.


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