The Art and Science of Lovemaking

Helps couples create a new understanding of lovemaking and intimacy



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Great for couples and the therapists who help them!

Make sex more personal and meaningful!  The Gott Sex? video series is available in two formats: over the internet, or via a manual and DVD set that will be mailed to you.

These experiential video modules demonstrate new approaches to sex and create a broader understanding about what sex truly is. Gott Sex will improve the passion, romance & intimacy of your sex life:

  • 9 video modules PLUS 115 pages of printed material with exercises couples can try in the comfort of their own home
  • Helps make sex more personal and meaningful
  • Gets couples communicating about sex in an open and effective way; provides tools to communicate about delicate issues
  • Interviews real people about their sex lives
  • Builds a ‘Sex Map’ for each partner
  • Teaches how to devise rituals for initiating and refusing sex
  • Suggests spicy, intimate and sexy activities and conversations

Though our cultural mindset about sex focuses almost solely on technique, deeply satisfying lovemaking is an integrated approach that uses both body and emotional connection.  This  video program bridges the gaps and shows couples how to create the intimate sex life they’ve been longing for.  Whether things are lukewarm in the bedroom or lovemaking has stopped altogether, this series will help make sex more intimate for both partners.

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Viewing or using this will familiarize you with the appropriate content  or module for your couples.  Have them do the exercises at home and then review the results during your next session together!  This is an insightful and engaging program for all couples, whether they are uncomfortable talking about sex or just need some tips and fine tuning for their intimate lives.


Release Date


Running Time

2 hours

Formats Available

DVD/manual set or online videos


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