Principia Amoris

Explains in plain language the math behind the science of love


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Within the new science of love, there is a math to go with that science.

Dr. John Gottman’s latest book reveals 43 new principles about love, not published anywhere else, that are substantiated by this new science and its mathematics. Although many therapists tend to be math phobic, the visuals in this book help therapists learn how to think about relationships in a totally new way. This new math took Dr. Gottman and his team 20 years to develop. Says Dr. Gottman: “Many of these new findings are counter-intuitive and enormously important. The math itself has been hard for therapists and the general public to access until now, because it hasn’t been explained conceptually in a way that is easy to grasp. The text explains it all in visual diagrams and plain language that makes these new insights accessible.”

Principia Amoris presents a new language for describing couples, with terms like “emotional inertia,” “steady states,” “attractors,” “repellors,” and “influence functions.” This new language will help illuminate their actual cases and help them understand how to become more effective therapists.

Principia Amoris introduces Love Equations, a mathematical modeling of relationships that helps understand predictions. Love Equations are powerful tools that can prevent relationship distress and heal ailing relationships. Readers learn about the various research and studies that were done to discover the science behind love, and are treated to a history of the people, ideas, and events that shaped our current understanding.

Just as science helped us to understand the physical world, it is helping us to understand the emotional world as well. Using the insights in this book, mental health professionals can meaningfully help their distressed clients, as well as better understand why a relationship is failing or succeeding. Appropriate for the curious non-mental health professional as well, Principia Amoris is a must-have on any bookshelf!

“This book offers a fascinating synopsis of John Gottman’s many breakthrough discoveries over his decades of research into couple relationships. As always what he has to say is original, relevant, and wise. His work is a cornerstone of the new science of love and loving that promises to transform how we understand and intervene in our  most important relationships – the relationships that sculpt our sense of self and the society we live in.”  – Sue Johnson, Author of Love Sense and Hold Me Tight




326 pages




Routledge, October 31, 2014


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