Our clinical training program in Gottman Method Couples Therapy has four levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and the Certification Track. Anyone from graduate students to practicing therapists can take Level 1 and Level 2. Clinicians who are current masters level students or have a masters degree in a mental health related field can choose to continue to the Level 3 Practicum Training. Licensed clinicians can then apply to the Certification Track. Each level builds upon the previous one to provide you with a progressively deeper level of instruction and understanding of Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

The road to becoming a Certified Gottman Therapist begins with completing Level 1 Training. This level can be completed by attending a live Level 1 Clinical Training, or by purchasing a Level 1: Bridging The Couple Chasm Home Study Set.

After you have completed Level 1 Training, you can move on to Level 2 Training. This level can be completed by attending a live Level 2 Clinical Training: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidities, or by purchasing Level 2: Assessment, Intervention & Co-Morbidities Home Study Set.

Once you have completed Level 2 Training, you must possess a Master’s/Doctoral degree, or be enrolled in a Mental Health related graduate program, to continue to Level 3 Training. For this level you must attend a live Level 3 Clinical Training: Practicum Training.

The Certification Track is the final step in the process of Gottman Couples Therapy Training and leads toward certification. To move onto Certification Track you must be a licensed therapist. The Certification Track entails Consultation with a Senior Certified Gottman Therapist and Video Review.

Completion of all levels of our clinical training program results in certification as a Certified Gottman Therapist.