If you and your partner are interested in participating in this study, please double-check that you qualify, then complete the information below. Once you have submitted your application, a staff member will get in touch with you to see if the study is a good fit for you and your partner.

Questions may be directed to Research Director Carrie Cole here.

Do you qualify for the study?

  • Heterosexual couples must be married
  • Gay and lesbian couples must be married or in a committed relationship
  • Couples who have attended The Gottman Institute’s couples workshop, The Art and Science of Love, or received couples therapy from a Gottman-trained therapist do not qualify for this study

Do you live in a qualifying location?

  • Couples must be willing to travel to the office of a participating therapist. Check here for a list of specific geographic locations

How it works:

  • If you and your partner are accepted into the study, you will be randomly assigned to a therapist in your area
  • Couples must agree to attend approximately 20-30 sessions of couples therapy
  • Couples will receive a 50% discount off the therapist’s regular rate
  • The sessions with the therapist will be video recorded
  • These videos will be confidential and will only be observed by a member of The Gottman Institute research team
  • Couples will be asked to fill out multiple confidential questionnaires throughout the course of treatment
  • For additional information on the study, click here